When dragons fight, mountains weep.

Dragonbonded Palon and her partner, the dragon Windward, are renowned for their flying skill among the dragons and dragonbondeds who make up their family. Palon’s days are filled with everything she loves, especially riding the wind. Even being tasked with teaching their way of life to Mālen, a newly bonded teenager, can’t bring her down too much.

But when treasures from the dragons’ hordes are found in Palon’s collection, her idyllic life comes crashing down. Framed, she battles to find the truth, to prove her innocence, while her every move is cast as further evidence against her. As if that wasn’t enough, her teenage charge’s increasingly dangerous behavior puts them both at risk. Mālen’s suspicion, homesickness, and defiance would be frustrating enough even if Palon wasn’t in the spotlight, with a rival smearing her name at every turn. Dragon tempers shorten, and challenges and disputes shake the ground.

Windward and Palon must find a way to clear her name while also keeping a teenager who hates her and everything about dragon life safe, before their community turns completely against them or vigilante justice succeeds.

Windward is scheduled to be released in early August 2019!



Children of the Nexus

         Book One: Between Starfalls

When a little boy gets lost in the forbidden mountains, his desperate mother, her brother, and her two best friends break the law every Rinaryn is taught from the time they can walk: never, for any reason, leave the path. 

The traditions of the Elders have peacefully ruled the agrarian Rinaryns for centuries, but when her son Eian goes missing, normally mild-mannered Kaemada defies the sacred law to search for him in the forbidden mountains. Despite knowing there is little hope for redemption upon their return, her brother and two best friends join the search, believing their sacrifice will be worth it to save the boy.

But when the search party is captured by the legendary Kamalti who dwell under the mountains, they discover that the Kamalti have been sending lost travelers to an ancient prison city. Due to a generations-old translation error, Eian has been left to fend for himself in a city full of the worst criminals. In the face of Kamalti prejudices, the Rinaryns must reach an understanding with their captors to find Eian and make their escape. If they can’t get the Kamalti to see them as peers, countless more lives will be needlessly destroyed.

Four Rinaryns will determine how the future unfolds for both races: the hero running from glory, the peacemaker trained for battle, the priestess berserker, and the tall dwarf with the smart mouth.

The first book of the new series Children of the Nexus, Between Starfalls, is scheduled to be released in winter 2019!



Short Story:

Space Cows


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